It's Time to Give Back

June represents Equine Colic Awareness Month in North America and we are celebrating it with a bang! Read more to learn about this unprecedented opportunity and get your very own smart halter.

What is Equine Distress?

As horse owners, we are ingrained with the need to be hyper vigilant when it comes to spotting behavioral changes in our horses. But what constitutes the buzz words of “equine distress” and how do we bring objectivity to detecting this distress?

Horse & Rider Harmony

Chase Shipka’s life revolves around her horses. She invests her time, her livelihood, and her heart in these animals and it is impossible to put that kind of love into words. Read more to learn how she uses NIGHTWATCH®.

Green, Grey & Gold

Equestrians from all across the globe came together to compete in the prestigious World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina in September of 2018. A total of 68 countries represented in 8 different disciplines and it was a thrilling two weeks to say the least.

Beta Launch at Land Rover

After 4.5 years in development, NIGHTWATCH® beta launched at the inaugural Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, formerly known as the Rolex Three-Day. The team enjoyed conversing with equine enthusiasts of all disciplines and took in the exhilarating sites of the Kentucky Horse Park in action. It was a weekend we won’t soon forget!

The Pull of Horses

Kate's heart has always been pulled by horses and she always finds her way back to them - from riding and training, to grooming and instructing, to simply just being in their presence. Horses have shaped her into who she is today and she has no plans of ever straying too far from them. 


From Quarter Horse Congress and Morgan Grand Nationals, to Rolex Three Day and Devon, to Scottsdale Arabian Show and Winter Equestrian Festival, the Protequus team sees it all. In this week's blog, we open our eyes to different disciplines and challenge you to ride in a new ring. At the end of the day, we all just love horses. 

Is the EDI® Just Another TLA (3-letter acronym)?

Have you ever wished your horse could tell you exactly how they're feeling? Us too! So until we learn to speak horse, we can rely on a new 10-point scale called the EDI® (Equine Distress Index), which is exclusive to NIGHTWATCH®. Your horse's EDI® score is like a FICO® score meaning it's one number (at a glance) that tells you if there is a problem (0=good, 10=bad). Learn more about this TLA. 

Helping Hand in Houston

This weekend, the NIGHTWATCH® team lent a helping hand to our neighbors in Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We were honored to stand alongside other equestrians to help feed and clean displaced horses. It is humbling to see this community come together in the face of adversity.

An Olympic Wrap-Up

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games included highs, lows, and some incredible acts of sportsmanship. We salute Adelinde Cornelissen for reminding us of what matters most...the well-being of our horses.

Memorializing Our Fallen Champion

Each year, at the World's Championship Horse Show in Louisville, KY, the NIGHTWATCH® team has the honor to award one special winner a perpetual trophy to memorialize too many fallen champions. Through this trophy, Snoop, the inspiration behind NIGHTWATCH®, is able to live on in our hearts. 

Apples Aren't Just For Math Teachers

The relationship a human has with a horse is unlike anything else. Their sheer size lends them the ability to crush us in any given moment. But, for some reason, they tend to be very gentle creatures. By surrounding ourselves with horses, we learn countless life principles from them, and for that we cherish their role in our lives. 

Made-In-Mare: The Time I Bred My Mare for the First Time

Raising a foal is every horse owner's dream, but breeding is an art and a science. Read the story of an owner working to inseminate her 13-year-old maiden mare. She plans to use NIGHTWATCH® to alert her when her mare begins to foal. Whether that results in positive health outcomes for the mare and the foal, or simply allows the owner the breathtaking experience to be there as a long-legged miracle comes into this world, she writes that it is worth every penny and then some. 

A Girl & Her "Bug"

We each have that one special horse in our lives. I met my once-in-a-lifetime horse over a decade ago and she still amazes me to this day. Ladybug and I have been through a lot and I count myself lucky to be hers. Read more about our story in today's blog post. 

Why Does 150 Years of Expertise Matter?

You've heard us talk a lot about our technology and our leather crafter, but where does the leather in every NIGHTWATCH® smart device come from? The answer is Wickett & Craig, a tradition-filled vegetable tannery in Pennsylvania. Learn more about the process of vegetable tanning that ensures beauty and longevity of our premium English Bridle leather.

Springing Into Show Season

March 20th marks the first day of Spring. But before we get too excited about the extra hours of daylight and the enjoyable weather that makes riding oh so delightful again, we need to ensure we gradually intensify our horse's training schedule. In this latest blog post, we will discuss what you need to know about stress and distress so you are prepared for an exciting season ahead! 

The World's Most Versatile Breed

The Arabian horse is often known as the most versatile breed in the world. After our time at the 62nd Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, we certainly agree. From English and Western Performance, to Sport Horse and Working Western (and more!), we admire these beautiful animals and their passionate caretakers. 

2016 Wrap-Up

2016 was nothing short of extraordinary for the Protequus® team. As we look ahead to an exciting 2017, we are grateful for the memories made traveling from show to show spreading the word about the World's first smart halter™, NIGHTWATCH®.