Multiple Horses in Your Life?

A question we sometimes get is, "can I use the same NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ on multiple horses?"

And the answer is: Yes!

We offer a plan in our App called the multi-horse plan, and when it's active it allows you to swap out which horse profile your smart halter is assigned to.

This feature is really handy if:

  • You have multiple mares that will be foaling at different times this season
  • You sell your horse/purchase a new horse, and want to start over with a fresh profile and complete the learning period so your alerts are personalized
  • You have multiple horses in the barn and need to be able to quickly assign the smart halter if there is a problem, suspicious behavior, or other high-risk times that merit some extra monitoring such as storms or travelling to a horse show
  • You're a clinic or rehab facility and want to keep all the data you collect for each client's visit separated
  • and more!

The multi-horse plan allows you to transfer your smart halter while maintaining individual horse profiles, their historical data, and personalized distress algorithms.

If you don't have a multi-horse plan (or it's expired), you can add one from the menu in your NIGHTWATCH App. Plans are $29.99/month!

If you prefer daily (or nightly) monitoring of your horses, we recommend an active NIGHTWATCH Subscription for each horse so that they can have their own dedicated smart halters.