What is a smart halter™?

A safe and comfortable breakaway halter with embedded technology that alerts you via text, voice, and email to early signs of a problem in your horse so you can sleep easier and intervene sooner.

Safe and Compliant

NIGHTWATCH® complies with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules, and further ensures compliance with Industry Canada (IC) license-exempt RSS standards, PTCRB/CTIA certification standards, and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 60950 product safety standards.


High-quality craftsmanship for high-quality owners.

NIGHTWATCH® is handcrafted from premium 1" appointment quality Havana-brown leather with 18/8 stainless steel hardware, including a double-buckle crown and a snap throat latch, by sixth generation leather craftsmen at Freedman's.

Real-time monitoring.

NIGHTWATCH® monitors your horse’s vital signs and behaviors in real-time, and looks for deviation in their normal physiology that correlates with pain and distress.

Vital Signs

NIGHTWATCH® uses novel radio frequency technology (ie, ultra-wideband impulse radar [UWB-IR]) to monitor your horse’s heart rate and respiratory rate, the two most important vital signs that correlate with pain and acute distress in horses. UWB-IR is a safe and very low energy radio-frequency technology that measures physical changes in the vasculature and soft tissue beneath your horse’s skin that correlate with their heart rate and respiratory rate.


NIGHTWATCH® uses a variety of sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and an altimeter to continuously assess your horse’s activity, motion, and posture. More specifically, NIGHTWATCH® identifies and flags (for evaluation) first-time novel events that may be indicative of distress along with known movements that likely correlate with distress such as pawing, kicking, flank watching, repeated rising/falling, extended periods of recumbency, violent rolling with/without thrashing, etc.

Early-warning alerts.

NIGHTWATCH® alerts you via text, voice, and email to early signs of colic and other forms of equine distress, such as foaling and being cast.

NIGHTWATCH® offers two alert modes, smart and manual. In smart mode, thresholds are your horse's EDI® score where as in manual mode you can customize thresholds on any of the other 4 metrics, including their heart rate, respiratory rate, how often they roll, and how much time they spend lying down in a laterally-recumbent position.

  • Smart Mode: When your device is placed in the smart mode, the system is looking for deviation in your horse’s normal physiologic parameters (i.e., biometrics, behaviors) that correlate with pain and distress. This mode requires a “learning” period of up to 30 days while your horse is healthy and in their normal and natural environment.

  • Manual Mode: When your device is placed in manual mode, you have the ability set your own thresholds for up to 4 parameters to trigger an alert. By placing your device in manual mode, you can utilize your device immediately out-of-the-box and bypass the “learning” period that is required in smart mode.

When distress is detected, NIGHTWATCH® will alert you and up to 4 others via text, voice, and email simultaneously as a broadcast until the alert notification is acknowledged. A status LED on the ID plate of each NIGHTWATCH® halter further offers a visual indicator of your horse’s relative distress. Just look for the green light for reassurance your horse is happy and within their normal/non-distress state.


It’s not the call you want, but it’s the call you need.


24/7 Insight.

NIGHTWATCH® provides you 24/7 access to actionable insight on your horse's EDI® score, biometrics, and behaviors from the convenience of a Web App accessible from any smartphone, tablet, and computer.


Equine Distress Index®.

We’ve removed the guesswork of understanding your horse. Millions of data points and years of research have gone into the Equine Distress Index® or EDI®, and here is what you need to know.


Your horse’s EDI® score is an objective measure of their relative distress and general well-being, and derived using a fuzzy inference system with multiple parameters, including biometric data, behavioral inputs, pre-condition factors, and more. 

  • Biometric data: Vital signs

  • Behavioral inputs: Activity, motion, posture

  • Pre-condition factors: Medical history, habits, routines, diet

The EDI® is a proprietary 10-point scale, offered exclusively by NIGHTWATCH®, used to quantify relative distress in your horse at any given point in time. The lower your horse’s EDI® score, the happier and healthier they are. 

Percentages shown are estimated and approximate contribution values.

Percentages shown are estimated and approximate contribution values.


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