When To Order Your Smart Halter

So, you have a pregnant mare and aren't sure when to order your smart halter so that you can be alerted to foaling?

The short answer: 2 - 4 weeks in advance of when you need to be alerted!

Start from your foaling date and work backwards:

  • 5 business days: orders take up to 5 business days to process, including software updates, network provisioning/registration, and more.

  • 1 - 5 days: we ship via FedEx ground from Rochester, NY. Depending on your location, your smart halter will arrive 1 - 5 days after your order is processed. (If you’d like to purchase expedited shipping, contact us at support@protequus.com for options!)

Setting up the smart halter
  • 1 day: when your smart halter arrives, you will need to activate it, assign it to your account, and then connect it to your barn’s WiFi network.

    Give yourself 1 day for setup.

    You can download the app before your smart halter arrives to create your account and horse profile! (App Store and Google Play)

  • 7-14 days: we recommend using smart alerts that leverage our Equine Distress Index (or EDI®) for the best opportunity to be alerted to foaling! This means your smart halter needs to collect ~1 week of data in your mare’s normal state before alerts can be set. Give yourself 1 - 2 weeks in advance of your predicted foaling date to ensure you complete the learning period in advance to unlock smart alerts.

Don't forget, despite our best plans, sometimes nature likes to change timelines. Give yourself plenty of time to ensure your smart halter is ready to go before your mare is!

Have another condition you'd like to monitor? The same time guidelines apply for order processing and the learning period, but conditions like colic, choke, and other sudden emergencies are tricky to assign a due date to. We recommend ordering the smart halter before there is an emergency and allowing it to notify you to deviations that could identify a problem so you can intervene quickly.

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