Triumph from Tragedy In memory of Undulata's Nuts and Bolts (2005-2013)

NIGHTWATCH® isn’t the brainchild of boardroom executives.
NIGHTWATCH® is a labor of love.

In 2013 Jeffrey Schab (Founder & CEO of Protequus®) and Wade Giles lost their beloved horse, Snoop, to a rare colic event overnight. Snoop lived just a short 8 years and died alone in his stall because no one knew he was in trouble.

Following Snoop’s death, Jeffrey was driven to make a difference, and assembled a team of passionate science and technology professionals to find a solution that could combat the devastating impact of equine colic. Today, that solution is an early-warning system known as NIGHTWATCH®. As an accomplished equestrian and biomedical engineer with 15+ years in human health, Jeffrey is pioneering a path that bridges his professional expertise with his personal passion.

Snoop remains a powerful inspiration and motivation for Jeffrey and Wade. It is in his memory that NIGHTWATCH® exists to provide critical first alerts for early intervention, ultimately to help save horses' lives.

The Road to Revolution.

August 2013: The Passing of Snoop

On August 25, 2013, Jeffrey Schab and Wade Giles' beloved horse, Snoop, passes away from an epiploic foramen entrapment, a rare form of colic. Driven to not let Snoop's passing be without reason, Jeffrey embarks on what becomes a 5-year journey to invent an early warning system for equine colic and other forms of distress.

November 2013: Protequus® Established

After 2.5 months of primary and secondary research, Jeffrey establishes Protequus LLC as a legal entity to make his vision for an equine distress & wellness monitor a reality. Protequus (pronounced as pro-tech-kwis) is formed from the word "protection" and the Latin word for horse, "equus."

February 2014: Patent Filed

Protequus files the first in a series of provisional and utility patents with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on February 24, 2014 for a SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOBILE ANIMAL SURVEILLANCE AND DISTRESS MONITORING.

May 2014: RIT Research Agreement

Protequus enters into a research agreement with Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY) for classification and modeling of distress in horses using sensor data.

June 2014: Alpha Prototype

Protequus engineers place a first-generation mobile adaptive sensor system (alpha-prototype) on horses in NY and LA to acquire real-time behavior data using a 9-axis IMU and successfully demonstrate proof-of-principal for novel event detection.

April 2017: 1st Patent Issued

The USPTO approves and issues a utility patent (No. 9,629,340) for MOBILE ANIMAL SURVEILLANCE AND DISTRESS MONITORING, which is just a short ~3 years from first filing. This patent confirms the novel, useful, and non-obvious nature of NIGHTWATCH®.

September 2017: Regulatory Approval

NIGHTWATCH® is determined to be safe and complies with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of FCC rules, and further complies with IC license-exempt RSS standards, PTCRB/CTIA certifcation standards, and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60950 product safety standards.

February 2018: 2nd Patent Issued

The USPTO approves and issues a second utility patent (No. 9,894,885) as a continuation of patent (No. 9,629,340) for detecting one or more biometric parameters in animals using UWB-IR.

April 2018: Beta Launch (US & Canada)

NIGHTWATCH® becomes available to a select number of customers to begin rigorous real-world beta testing.

December 2018: 3rd Patent Issued

The USPTO approves and issues a third utility patent (No. 10,154,655) as a continuation in part of patent (No. 9,629,340) to predict the onset of parturition in animals using UWB-IR.

March 2019: Launch (US & Canada)

NIGHTWATCH® becomes fully available for purchase to customers with horses domiciled in the US and Canada.

October 2019: 4th Patent Issued

The Australian Government approves and issues a utility patent (No. 2015218807) for IP protection of NIGHTWATCH®

July 2020: 5th Patent Issued

The Canadian Government approves and issues a utility patent (No. 2940523) for IP protection of NIGHTWATCH®.

June 2021: New SaaS Model

NIGHTWATCH® becomes available to consumers in the United States and Canada as a subscription service.

May 2022: Ehud Olmert Partners with Protequus®

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert partners with Protequus® on the global expansion of NIGHTWATCH®.

December 2022: Protequus® Makes Way for Next-Generation (Gen 2.0) Technology

Protequus® sells out of first-generation NIGHTWATCH® smart halters™ after launching in 2019 to horse owners in the US and Canada. Protequus® will now focus attention to their next-generation (Gen 2.0) portfolio of smart technology offerings to protect the welfare of horses worldwide.

July 2023: 6th Patent Issued

The European Patent Register approves and issues a utility patent (No. 3110310) for IP protection of NIGHTWATCH® in 17 countries.

August 2023: Protequus Joins AgriFutures Australia AgXelerate Program

This government-led program is designed to identify emerging AgTech innovation and support the growth and development of their rural levied industries, including the Thoroughbred Horse industry.

Protequus® is dedicated to transforming the equine and animal health industry through data science and predictive analytics for improved health and performance outcomes.
Follow us as we make this revolutionary device available to horses across the globe and introduce new solutions
for other ailments afflicting our equine companions.