After months of honest conversations with our amazing customers and hours upon hours of development by our talented team, we are so excited to draw the curtain on the brand new NIGHTWATCH® App - now available in the App Store! In honor of this exciting advancement, we are going to highlight some new feature we know you'll love on our blog for a few weeks. 

First up, transferability. Previously, each NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ was designed to be used long term on a single horse with Smart Alerts. For this type of alert, a device needs up to 30 days to learn a horse in their normal environment so that artificial intelligence can formulate a comprehensive picture of that specific horse's wellness and unique tendencies. Don't worry, these type of alerts are still available and highly recommended for performance horses and those that are at high risk for ailments such as colic.

However... there's an exciting new way to use your device with Manual Alerts. These allow you to set your own thresholds on specific metrics, transfer a device to whatever horse needs it that night, and you're ready to be alerted! This means you can now have one smart halter™ in the tack room to use on all of your horses as needed.

After many conversations with multi-horse owners or those who run training or boarding operations, it became clear to us that there is often a horse each day that incites worry. Our engineering team quickly went to work developing a solution for these clients so they can have a reliable tool to help them provide even better care for their beloved horses.

From Smart Alerts on your horse's unique EDI® to Manual Alerts on their heart rate, respiration, and activity... you have the power to customize your monitoring experience and be alerted to exactly what matters for your program. Learn how horsemen and women like you are using the NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ and download the App today!