Your New Barn Team Member: NIGHTWATCH®

It takes a village to run a barn. Imagine the daily care necessary for one single horse — feeding 2-3 times, distributing supplements, mucking stalls, escorting to/from turnout, ensuring fresh water and clean buckets, overseeing medical care (from minor cuts to more serious injuries), and managing insect control, among other things. Now imagine the needs of a barn full of 30 horses. From clients to grooms to trainers to barn managers, everyone has a way of contributing to keeping your horse safe and healthy.

But even the most watchful caretaker can miss signs that a horse is in distress. That’s because horses are prey animals and know how to hide weakness to protect themselves from potential predators.

Enter NIGHTWATCH®: these smart halters™ add an extra layer to your barn team by providing biometric analysis and supplemental monitoring to offer a comprehensive picture of your horse's health and wellness, alerting you when something is awry. Just as caretakers learn about a horse's routine as they get to know them, NIGHTWATCH® is also adaptive, learning your horse's unique habits and quirks over time. 

A revolutionary biomedical device that monitors real-time data on your horse’s vital signs and behaviors, works across cellular and Wi-Fi networks, offers GPS tracking and uses wireless inductive charging, NIGHTWATCH® is an indispensable member of your barn team. NIGHTWATCH® continuously acquires and analyze real-time data on your horse's vital signs and behaviors 24/7, while offering insight on-demand from the convenience of a smartphone and web dashboard. There to monitor horse when you can’t, NIGHTWATCH® ensures that your horse is never alone. 

Hire your new team member today. Order your NIGHTWATCH® breakaway halters here