You CAN Afford Peace of Mind

When it comes to our horses, we invest a lot in their well-being, both in time and financially. In fact, according to a 2017 survey conducted by the American Horse Council, the horse industry contributes approximately $50 billion in direct economic impact to the U.S. economy. That’s a lot of zeroes. Whether it’s money spent on supplements, long turnout sessions, custom-fitting tack, massages or chiropractic appointments, their happiness is something prioritized often before our own. Simply put, our horses are often considered part of the family and a price tag can’t be put on their comfort. 

As with everything, tragedy isn’t completely avoidable, although we do everything possible to prevent disasters — we plan and we prepare. But what if you could stop a disaster, such as sudden onset ailments like colic or being cast, before it progressed? What if you could get alerted at the earliest sign of distress and then establish your game plan? Colic can not only be devastating if not caught early enough, it comes with a financial burden. The Eq Group estimates that colic costs can range anywhere from $5,000 - $10,000. 

What if you could purchase peace of mind?

Lots of factors fall into distress, but most commonly include disruption in the routine or scenery. Whether your horse is due to foal any day, prone to colic when the weather changes or a big storm and travel — know they’re being monitored when you can’t be there.

No one knows your horse better than you, but you can’t always be there. That’s where the NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ comes in. The smart halter™ is the first of its kind technology that learns your horses “normal” and then notifies you when they are “off”.

What about the extra worry when it comes to a rigorous show schedule? A change in scenery mixed with a new schedule that can lead to stress? What about your senior or hard keeper? Your pregnant mare that’s due soon? Whatever the case, worry exists. 

The all-natural, breakaway leather NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ is designed to alert you via text, voice, and email to early signs of danger/distress in your horse, such as colic, being cast, and foaling. The smart halter™ learns your individual horse’s biometrics and behaviors over time, creating a custom baseline health analysis true to your horse. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the smart halter™ is smart enough to recognize changes in behaviors and health, such as high heart rate, respiratory distress, or general agitation. NIGHTWATCH® is the peace of mind you’ve been looking for, but never knew you could have. The best part? You can check in on your horse anytime — NIGHTWATCH® provides you with around the clock access to actionable insight on your horse's EDI® score, biometrics, and behaviors from the convenience of a Web App accessible from any smartphone, tablet, and computer. With this technology, you no longer have to wonder about your horse every time you leave the barn.

Spend more time loving your horse, less time worrying about them. With varying options, and even new payment plans, overnight monitoring is available to all horse owners. Because after all, can you put a price on peace of mind?




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