What Does "Smart" Really Mean?

Merriam-Webster defines smart as "very good at learning or thinking about things." But when it comes to technology, what does "smart" really mean?

We're impacted by smart technology and machine learning every day, but most of us probably take it for granted. When you buy a new smartphone and start texting with your friends, your phone quickly learns your most frequently used words and preferred spelling of those words. As you utilize your phone more and more, it predicts what you're typing and starts to auto-populate for you. That's smart. A thermostat like Nest teaches itself the best way to manage the temperature within your house. It learns when you leave for work, when you return, and can even sense when you're in the house, all in an effort to make you more comfortable and to lower your electric bill. That's smart.  

At Protequus®, we understand every horse is different, which is why we leverage smart technology and machine learning to ensure your horse's NIGHTWATCH® device is as unique as they are. This is also what makes our all-leather breakaway halters and safety collars distinct from any other equine wearable device today.

Through real-time and continuous analysis of your horse's vital signs, activity, motion, and posture, our smart technology can identify novel events that correlate with danger or distress because NIGHTWATCH® knows what normal and good looks like. Without smart technology, there would only be 1 model of danger or distress, and that model would be the same for every horse. Our system not only allows for limitless models, but every model is unique to each horse and continues to adapt over time. The more your horse wears NIGHTWATCH®, the more precise the smart technology becomes to identify early signs of danger or distress. 

NIGHTWATCH® is like an ADT system for your horse’s health because it automatically alerts you via text/call/email when there’s a problem so you can act early. No more staying up late worrying about your horse or needing to monitor them yourself; NIGHTWATCH® does it for you. That's smart...and easy!

Our horses are our best friends, so why wouldn't we want to give them the latest and greatest in technology, especially if it can mean the difference between life and death? Learn more about NIGHTWATCH® and place your order today.