Traveling With Your Horse is Stressful

No matter whether you're attending a prestigious show, moving across the country, or bringing your horse to the clinic...traveling with your horse is stressful for both of you. Regardless of the precautions you take, moving your horse places an added stress on them, which can sometimes have serious consequences. 

Conscientious horse owners routinely and critically examine their horse trailers for safety and comfort, while professional horse movers do the same on a much larger scale. And while technology like closed circuit TVs can help you keep an eye on your horse in the trailer, it's not easy to identify distress nor eliminate the need for regular stops and check-ins. Likewise, housing your horse at a show or in any new environment can create added stress. Outside of their comfort zone and normal surroundings, we see our horses react to new situations in different ways. But can you spot if your horse is truly in distress? 

NIGHTWATCH® removes the guesswork of understanding if your horse is in distress. Through on-board smart technology (ie, machine learning), this revolutionary device knows what "good" and "normal" looks like in your horse. This means NIGHTWATCH® is capable of identifying meaningful biometric and behavioral changes that may correlate with danger or distress...and is not confused by a random spike in their vital signs or an arbitrary kick or spin.

On the road, NIGHTWATCH® monitors your horse's heart and respiratory rates, because these two vital signs are the first and most reliable indicators of pain and distress in a horse. This monitoring eliminates the need for you to have direct contact with your animal or for you to be glued to cameras. 

With real-time monitoring, automated alert notifications, and insight at your fingertips 24/7, NIGHTWATCH® offers you peace-of-mind protection while your horse is at home, away, and while on the road to that next blue ribbon.

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