Binge Worthy Horse Movies & Books


Are you bummed about cancelled horse shows or needing more "horse-y" time around the house? We get it. This quarantine season started off like a sprint, but lately we have learned it's much more of a marathon than a sprint.

Our team has compiled a list of our favorite horse movies and books. Be prepared to laugh and to cry, but more important... be prepared to BINGE!

Our Favorite Horse Movies

  1. Spirit (2002): Even those not involved in the horse industry have an affection for the wild mustang. They are beautiful beyond measure and a powerful metaphor for the West. This DreamWorks movie is a great story, impressive imagery, and a captivating score. It's the story of a wild stallion who is bent on not being broken and the friendships and adventures that unfold in the process.
  2. Secretariat (2010): He was arguable the most successful thoroughbred to grace the sport. Disney does an amazing job on this comeback story that will leave you on the literal edge of your couch the whole time. We suggest some snacks that you can nervously eat as you cheer on Big Red and the whole team!
  3. War Horse (2011): It's a heartwarming story of Joey the thoroughbred who was trained by the young boy, Albert. However, Joey has to get sold to the army after a tough farming season. It's relatable on many levels if you have ever had to sell a special horse. By fate, Albert joins the army and is reunited with his heart horse and they labor alongside each other. Be prepared for an emotional journey and a new found appreciation of the role horses played in history. 
  4. Hidalgo (2004): This riveting adventure pits an American cowboy and his horse on a dangerous cross country race against skilled Arabian riders and their horses. It's a beautiful story about putting horses first and fighting for them. The best part? At the end of filming, Viggo Mortensen purchased the horse who played Hidalgo to give him a forever home. Cue the happy tears.
  5. The Horse Whisperer (1998): This classic is based on Nicholas Evans' 1995 novel about a horse trainer who helps a teen understand horses on a new level after a tragic accident. Side note: the teen is a young Scarlett Johansson so extra heart eyes there. Grab some tissues and be prepared to "talk" to your horse in a whole new way after this one!

Our Favorite Horse Books

  1. Black Beauty (by Anna Sewell): The heartwarming story of an abused horse moving from owner to owner and the struggles and triumphs of that journey. It will make you appreciate those in your horse's past who treated them kindly and it will make you want to give them a forever home. Bonus: there's a movie, too!
  2. National Velvet (by Enid Bagnold): This might be the ultimate horse girl novel. Velvet Brown wins a horse by chance in a raffle and she works her way into the Grand National. It's a celebration of working hard, the middle class, and women taking on male-dominated areas. We can almost guarantee you will relate to the slightly awkward and fully horse crazy Velvet. Bonus: there's a movie, too!
  3. Misty of Chincoteague (by Marguerite Henry): This adventurous story is about the pony round ups and the pony, Phantom, who continually evades them. Some young kids save up money to buy the wild pony and labor to train her together. Bonus: if you really want to binge, there's a whole series, plus you can actually visit the ponies of Chincoteague and Assategue Island off the coast of Virginia!

We hope this gives you a fun list of entertainment to satisfy all that pent up horse person energy. Enjoy!