"App"solutely Great Features

To wrap up the new App updates, we want to brag about some little features that add up to really big benefit for our clients.

  1. The NIGHTWATCH® App is now available in the App Store and for Google Play. This means it is easy (and free!) to download, has an easy-to-navigate native layout, and is quick to access from your mobile phone.
  2. Each NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ comes with a unique QR code printed on the package that you simply need to scan, then follow a couple on-screen prompts to set up your device in a flash.
  3. Users can now search and sort their devices based on horse name, device serial number, connectivity status, battery level, and more. This makes keeping a close eye on your large herd simple.
  4. Horses are assigned to care teams with various levels of access. This means you can now share view-only access to your vet or horse sitter, or maybe grant admin access to your barn manager so they can adjust alerts as needed.

Well there you have it, folks. The NIGHTWATCH® App is ready to help you and your team provide the very best care for these horses we all love so dearly. What are you waiting for? Order your smart halter™ today!