Activity Index Now Available

Last week, we featured the new ability to transfer one halter across multiple horses making the NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ a valuable tool for small and large equine operations alike. This week, we want to tell you about the new Activity Index and how you can be alerted to changes in their daily activity.

Horses are quirky animals that often hide physical pain, which is why biometric monitoring is very important. Beyond biometrics though, activity levels can be indicative of problems in your horse. For example, when a horse is colicking, they are uncomfortable so often get up and down, roll, shift their weight frequently, pace around their stall, etc. 

Along with EDI® and biometric alerts, you can now be alerted specifically to changes in your horse's activity levels with Activity Alerts. Once the system understands what a normal day looks like behaviorally for your horse, it can detect on subtle cues that that translate to hyperactivity. 

Worried about a big class the next day? Look at your horse's historical activity overnight to have confidence they are well rested before the stressful demands of peak athletic performance. Worried that a new feeding program makes your horse "jittery"? Share historical information with your vet and make better decisions together. 

As you can tell, this is one small step for man... but one GIANT leap for horsemanship and how we care for our animals! Check it out for yourself by downloading the App today.