National Day of the Horse

Today in the United States, we celebrate National Day of the Horse. However, if you total up all the joy and depth horses add to our lives, they deserve the whole year.

It is no secret that horses have played a key role in mankind’s history, from carrying our ancestors into battle and delivering the mail, to plowing the fields we still eat from today and transporting people from place to place. Though they no longer serve as a daily necessity for the masses, nearly 2 million people still recognize the enrichment they bring to our lives. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in 63 Americans are connected to the horse industry in some shape or fashion.

From the outside looking in, the equestrian community appears to be segmented into competitive and recreational riders, which are both further broken down by discipline and region. However, it truly is a big family united by one factor: our love for these animals. Whether you speak with a grand prix jumper competing at the Olympics, a trail rider who just trekked across a mountain range, a trainer on a large cutting ranch, or a 7-year-old seated atop a lesson horse for the first time, you can see that twinkle in their eyes. That twinkle is the empathy, the discipline, the athleticism, and the confidence these animals have taught us.

The bond between horse and rider is unlike anything else. We trust them with our lives as we climb onto their strong backs, and they trust us right back to give them the best care. Though the language we exchange is silent, it is powerful. It’s the sweet smell of their coat as you bury your nose in their neck, mixed with the fresh scent of hay. It’s the tickle of their whiskers followed by the puff of warm air from their nostrils onto your hand. It’s the kind sound of their nicker as they welcome you into their presence. It’s the sight of your true self reflected in their loving eyes. It’s everything about them.

Horses do not look at us through the lenses of gender, ethnicity, status, or religion. They do not care where we have been or where we are going. What matters to them is the compassion we show them and the protection we provide them. These kind animals have given us plenty, and, for that, we owe them the world. Learn how NIGHTWATCH® has the potential to save your best friend’s life and order your own device today!

To all the horses in our lives, past and present, we are eternally grateful.