Memorializing Our Fallen Champion

Four years ago this month, Jeffrey Schab and Wade Giles had their worlds turned upside down when they unexpectedly lost one of their beloved horses, Undulata’s Nuts and Bolts ("Snoop") overnight to a rare EFE colic event. Snoop was only 8 years young when he died alone in his stall between the hours of 1:30 and 6:30AM. Driven by his passion for horses and frustration with the status quo, Jeffrey vowed that day to not let Snoop's death be without reason, so he began a quest to create an early warning system for horses and their owners/caretakers. Today, this system is known as NIGHTWATCH®, the World’s first smart halter™, which is designed to alert you at the first signs of colic and other forms of equine distress so you can intervene earlier. 

To bring further awareness to the need for early referral and intervention of equine colic, Jeffrey and Wade created the NIGHTWATCH® Perpetual Trophy in loving memory of Snoop. This trophy has been donated to the World’s Championship Horse Show (Louisville, KY) and is given each year to the championship winner of the Adult Three-Gaited Show Pleasure division, which for the past 2 years has been Amanda Murchison and her horse, CH Spread the Word ("Rev"). 

Each year as Jeffrey and Wade stand on the famous green shavings of Freedom Hall to present this trophy, they are humbled by these 4-legged athletes. These horses work hard for something they may never obtain, and they do so while thousands of eyes watch them from the comfort of stadium seats and living rooms from around the world thanks to a live video feed. Luckily as equestrians, we have a built-in teammate, a partner to share in our wins and our is no wonder we are eternally bound to the horses with whom we compete.

While here at the World’s Championship Horse Show, the NIGHTWATCH® team is inspired by the countless hours of hard work by the riders, horses, trainers, and grooms as evidenced in the powerful connections they share. Snoop's story, along with the stories of too many champions who have fallen to colic, serve as powerful reminders to appreciate the bond we share with these animals and that with the right mindset we can overcome the toughest of challenges.