Is the EDI® Just Another TLA (3-letter acronym)?

Have you ever wished your horse could tell you exactly how they're feeling? Us too! So until we learn to speak horse, we can rely on a new 10-point scale called the EDI® (Equine Distress Index), which is exclusive to NIGHTWATCH®. Your horse's EDI® score is like a FICO® score meaning it's one number (at a glance) that tells you if there is a problem (0=good, 10=bad).

NIGHTWATCH® removes that guesswork of understanding your horse through our proprietary EDI® score. Your horse’s EDI® score is an objective measure of their relative distress and general well-being at any given point in time. This score is computed using a fuzzy logic model (Multiple Inputs, Single Output) with multiple parameters, including biometric and behavioral inputs, environmental conditions, pre-existing risk factors, and more.

NIGHTWATCH® is designed to automatically alert you to a problem with your horse any time of the day or night, so you don’t have to worry or stay up monitoring an app or video camera yourself — just like an ADT security system for your home! Since horses spend much of their time unsupervised, whether in a pasture or a barn, NIGHTWATCH® is there when you can’t be, ensuring your horse is never alone. What's more, NIGHTWATCH® is smart, which means it has technology that actually learns your horse’s “norm” and adapts to them. Over time the system determines what good and normal looks like in your horse, thereby detecting unusual or novel events that may be early signs of distress. The more your horse wears NIGHTWATCH®, the more fine-tuned the system becomes to maximize precision and benefit for your horse.

Once you set-up your horse’s profile online, simply fit the all-leather breakaway halter (specially-designed by Freedman’s) to your horse. The automated system will alert you via SMS/text, phone call, and email when your horse is in distress. Best of all, you don’t need to interpret any data yourself because the system will alert you when you need to act. Conversely, you can always gain access to insight and see real-time and historical data on your horse, including their EDI® score, from the convenience of a smartphone and the web. 

No more staying up late worrying about your horse or needing to monitor them yourself; NIGHTWATCH® does it for you. Reserve your NIGHTWATCH® smart halter today