How Horse Trainers Use the Smart Halter



“I now have eyes on my horses at home, even while I’m away.”

- Teri K. (trainer)


Horse trainers, you are some true heroes. You teach us so many valuable lessons - from proper riding technique to show mindset, on-the-ground safety to proper horse care, and everything in between. You maintain a feeding and training schedule like no one's business, you answer our crazy calls or texts late at night or on the weekends, you know where to get the best hay, and you love our horses as if they were your own. But how can you possibly juggle so many important responsibilities?

This is when technology can become a powerful ally to horse trainers. The NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ has embedded technology in the hand-stitched leather crownpiece that alerts you to problems. We know it sounds too good to be true... but this remote monitoring system allows you to be in multiple places at once.

While at home, monitor suspect horses overnight as you rest knowing you will be alerted if they begin experiencing distress. In the morning, view objective insight on each horse's heart rate, respiration, activity, and EDI® (Equine Distress Index®). This becomes a powerful tool that allows you to analyze how these metrics might have changed across the hour, the day, and even the week. At the convenience of your fingertips, you have valuable data to help make training or showing decisions. 

While away at a show, keep tabs on horses who are still at home to ensure they are doing well. This insight can be shared amongst owners, caretakers, and others so everyone can be on the same page - even if you cannot all be in proximity of the horse. 

This objective monitoring system allows you to elevate the standard of care you offer your clients and can even become a source of revenue in your business. Join the Referral Rewards Program to get a promo code that you spread in your network. When clients purchase with that code, they get $50 off and you earn 10% of the sale - that's what we call a win-win! Email to learn more about the RRP and what it's like being a NIGHTWATCH® Ambassador!