How Horse Owners Use the Smart Halter

After the tragic loss of a personal horse (Snoop), Founder & CEO Jeffrey Schab set out on a mission to develop the NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ with a team of engineers, veterinarians, and researchers. For nearly 6 years now, our team of horse lovers has labored to perfect this device - with fellow horse owners in mind. The loss of a horse is an all too common occurrence that plagues horse owners and we have vowed to do our part in minimizing distress outcomes in these animals. 

As horse owners, we know that having a horse is not just an activity you do once a week. It is a lifestyle. You work hard to support them financially, you spend your early mornings and late evenings with them, you trek long distances on the weekend to compete in the sport, and you fill your life with fellow horse enthusiasts. But owning a horse doesn't stop when you leave the barn. When you are not with them, you think about them... you worry about them.

How can an owner balance providing excellent care to their horse, with a full-time career, managing a family and social calendar, while still getting a full night's rest? This is where the smart halter™ might just become your best friend. This high-quality hand-stitched halter is made fully of breakaway leather, so it is safe and comfortable for your horse. A small LED on the crown lets nearby caretakers know if they are in a normal or distressed state. A convenient mobile App lets caretakers check in on their horse from afar. 

Each smart halter™ becomes fine-tuned to your horse's unique "normal" biometric and behavior patterns. After about two weeks of calibrating to your horse, you can set Smart Alerts. Set you EDI® to a desired threshold - remember, 1 is normal and 10 is very far from normal - and you'll be alerted as they progress past that threshold. Beyond the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll be alerted if there is a problem, you have access to insight on demand from your phone. Review you horse's biometrics and behavior across the hour, day, or even the week, then share this with your trainer or vet for more informed decision making. 

If your horse looks "off" or recently sustained an injury or illness, you can set Manual Alerts for a custom alert protocol. With this setting, you can set a threshold for your horse's heart rate, respiration, and hyperactivity, then set the duration (how long these elevated levels are sustained). This allows you to have complete control over your horse's monitoring. You can also add viewers to the data to share with other care team members so everyone is on the same page.

Horse owners are a special breed and we are so proud to help you gain peace of mind while they are away from their horse. Finance your smart halter™ today for as low as $88/mo


“Without the metrics of the NIGHTWATCH® smart halter™ and the live action video of my camera, my beloved Lady Bird wouldn’t be so well monitored unless I slept in her stall! The NIGHTWATCH® team is outstanding, and I consider this technology a true ‘life saver’ for (both of) us!”

– Marta M. (Owner)