How Equine Vets Use the Smart Halter™

Equine vets, you are the actual MVPs of the equestrian world. You worked your tail off in school to earn your degree and you STILL work your tail off day in and day out to care for our horses. You always go above and beyond to keep them healthy and able to perform at their best - so we can do what we love. You put up with our helicopter mom tendencies and you understand that we'd do anything for our horses. It is no secret that you often work extra long hours and constantly put the welfare of your clients first. You truly are the glue that holds this wonderful industry together.

Initially, we built the NIGHTWATCH smart halter™ for owners so they could have peace of mind knowing they'd be alerted to any issues overnight in their horses. However, vets quickly began chomping at the bit (yeah, we said it) to get their hands on this technology. Think about it... a noninvasive way to monitor the biometrics and behavior of a horse while they're unsupervised. Cue the hallelujah music!

Whether it’s a post-surgical or rehabilitation case, a horse that requires around-the-clock monitoring, or the nonstop ambulatory calls, it’s often difficult to balance your time because every animal deserves your full attention. That's where the smart halter™ comes in.

Reduce your burden with a smart halter and noninvasively monitor a horse’s heart rate, respiration, and activity so you can do other things. This information is available in real time or historically across the hour, day, or week so you can dive into insight like never before. Share this information with vet techs and other care providers from the convenience of a cell phone so your team is all on the same page. Best of all, you can set thresholds on heart rate, respiration, and hyperactivity so you or members of your staff can be alerted if things begin to elevate.

But it doesn't stop at the clinic. Refer the smart halter™ to your clients and get their horses home sooner all while remotely monitoring for complications, promoting early referral and intervention, and empowering careteam members to make more informed decisions. As a NIGHTWATCH Ambassador, you set yourself apart from other vet clinics by providing top-notch care with cutting-edge objective technology and earn rewards on referrals - all while reducing man hours and subjectivity of your practice's monitoring. 

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“Relying on NIGHTWATCH® allows me and my staff to sleep a little easier…and longer.”

– Dr. Ginger. R. (Veterinarian)