Horse & Rider Harmony

Chase Shipka’s life revolves around her horses. She invests her time, her livelihood, and her heart in these animals and it is impossible to put that kind of love into words. As a competitive dressage rider, Chase knows that knowledge is power when it comes to her horse’s health, so she uses NIGHTWATCH® to have just that.

Ziggy is a horse at the top of his game competitively, thus he lives a stressful life. However, his smart halter has learned his normal biometrics and behaviors so it is in tune to his unique patterns. Chase can log into her account anytime to see how Ziggy is doing, even if she is miles away. Best of all, she knows she will be alerted if there is problem and Ziggy needs her help.

“I think this product is truly for everyone. NIGHTWATCH® has the ability to be a life-saving device for any horse that you put it on.”

We are so grateful to have Chase and Ziggy’s support. Join us on this journey to revolutionize equine healthcare and buy your device today. Our Customer Care team is standing by to answer any questions you have at 800-757-3856 or