Celebrating Our Horses

Last week, we celebrated National Day of the Horse and we asked for your help honoring these animals whom our lives revolve around. Your answers warmed our hearts and we decided we just had to share some of them. 

How would you describe your horse?

  • Sensitive
  • Sincere
  • Genuine
  • Big hearted
  • Loyal
  • Small but mighty
  • Accepting
  • Sassy
  • Playful and cuddly
  • My best friend. My mirror. My love.

When we look at the list above, it describes the perfect friend. These horses come into our lives and engulf our hearts. They become constants through the ups and downs, it's no wonder they become the center of our world. 

What has your horse taught you?

  • How to be sensitive to other animals and people's feelings, even if they don't say anything
  • Patience
  • How to ride off my seat and trust
  • Unconditional love, determination
  • Never give up
  • Be humble and love the horse more
  • Empathy and to be aware of his signs
  • To be aware, fierce and kind at once
  • Responsibility and forgiveness
  • How to work hard for your goals
  • Partnership

Who knew a massive animal with a mind of its own could become such a powerful teacher? They can't use words to communicate with us, but their lessons are profound and last a lifetime. As Anthony Lothian said, "Horses teach you a lot. Very little of it actually has to do with horses."

What is your favorite memory with your horse?

  • Getting him to walk on a tarp (he's a giant chicken so this was a huge step!)
  • The day I brought him home
  • Showing at RMSJ for the first time, jumping my first 1.15m jump, and first gold rated show
  • The day she was born
  • Our first time cantering confidently in a huge arena and when he chooses to snuggle
  • At the end of a grueling show, she put her head on my shoulder, sighed and fell asleep
  • Jumping our first course
  • Post lesson kisses
  • The ones we haven't made yet... because those are why we keep living
  • Our first trail ride
  • Really simple... just sitting in the field with my horse, her head on my lap enjoying the sun
  • Every memory (every day) is my favorite
  • All the little simple moments like hanging out in the stall and watching him eat
  • Riding through some crazy terrain with a group of friends in a state park
  • When I first got him and seeing him with a big red bow
  • Sleeping in the stall with her when she had her foal

Okay in all honesty, we're teary eyed now... When we asked this question, we figured we would get a lot of big milestones in you and your horse's riding careers. While we got some - because they are definitely worth celebrating - we were floored to see the overwhelming majority of these favorite memories were everyday, seemingly "little" moments. But every horse lover knows those "little" moments are worth all the sweat equity (and then some!) we put into owning these amazing animals. 

So here's to the horses that make our lives better. We live a crazy lifestyle working hard at our day job(s) to afford you... we have an unearthly amount of mileage on our cars and frequent flyer accounts hopping show to show for you... we usually have some of your hay in our hair or pockets... we have legs stronger than a body builder... and we wouldn't trade it for anything. We love you and we thank you for the friendship you provide, the lessons you've taught us, and all the memories we share.