A Breeder's Best Friend

Kathy and her husband have spent nearly 4 decades breeding, raising, owning, and showing horses, and take enormous pride in their homebred stock. However, with this pride comes tremendous responsibility so when Kathy learned about NIGHTWATCH® she recognized this was the perfect complement to their breeding program and purchase a device for use on her pregnant mare.

After just a few short weeks, Kathy was blown away by NIGHTWATCH® when she received an alert about 20 minutes prior to the arrival of their farm’s newest foal. This alert indicated her mare had an elevated heart rate and upon review of the NIGHTWATCH® app, she realized all her mare’s vitals had been slowly increasing over the past few hours. Kathy was so pleased with the performance of NIGHTWATCH®, she purchased additional devices and now use them on many of her show horses.

As an owner and breeder, I have a tremendous responsibility and NIGHTWATCH® gives me the confidence and peace of mind I need.

- Kathy B.