8 Essential Holiday Gifts for Horse Lovers

It’s that time of year again, the horses are fresher and there’s growing excitement: it’s the holiday season! No matter what holidays you and your barn friends celebrate, there’s no denying that it’s the best time of year to share the love by gift giving.

Whether you ride Western, English or are just looking for items for your own wish list, we’ve got all the suggestions. We’ve spent days, weeks, hours, and months scouring the best of the best to help you give the most important people in your life the gifts they deserve. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

1.) Hay Play Feeder

Photo ℅ ArenaSupplies.com
Switch up the way your horse gets his daily hay! Whether you’re trying to slow down eating or simply entertain an easily-bored horse, look no further than the Hay Play Feeder. Its unique shape allows it to roll without rolling away on slopes, giving your horse stimulation. The best part? It mimics the natural grazing position for your horse! Hurry, due to popularity these are on backorder at most major retailers.

2.) Back On Track Mesh Sheet

Photo ℅ BackOnTrackProducts.com
This has been on our wish list for a while! A best-seller and staple in many barns, any horse can benefit from one of these sheets. Using the horse’s own body energy, the state-of-the-art Welltex material creates an infrared thermal effect. Wearing the mesh sheet can be an aid in recovery and may help provide relief to stiff or arthritic horses. Good news, they’re running a holiday promo: if you buy any mesh sheet, you receive a FREE saddle pad! 

3.) Dublin River Boot

Photo ℅ DoverSaddlery.com
Boots cute enough to run errands after the barn in, yet durable enough to remain waterproof and supportive year-round? Sign us up! With temps dropping, it’s time to step up our winter boot game, and what better way to do so than in style? We’re sure these Dublin River Boots will remain a staple throughout this winter and spring!

4.) Best Ever Pad

Photo ℅ BestEverPads.com
Any Western enthusiasts out there? Stand out in the show pen, the rodeo or on the trail with a fully-customizable Best Ever Pad! Create a USA-made saddle pad tailored to your horses needs that also reflects your own personal style. These make perfect gifts!

5.) Piper Trainer’s Coat by SmartPak

Photo ℅ SmartPak.com
What’s this? A jacket made with equestrians in mind? Unheard of. This coat provides warmth while out at the barn without sacrificing mobility or being bulky. You can even ride comfortably, just unzip for more room! This will be a hit among all equestrians this holiday season.

6.) ThinLine Half Pad with Rolls

Photo ℅ SSTack.com
Get your horse what he really wants this holiday season, a ThinLine Half Pad with Rolls! Get fit, protection and comfort despite your saddle brand or style. Sheepskin rolls added for fashion. Your horse will thank you!

7.) Biozyme Vitalize

Photo ℅ VitalizeEq.com
The holidays can bring stress to everyone, and although your horse doesn’t have lingering house guests or nosy in-laws, he or she could probably benefit from some of their own stress relief. Aiding in digestion relief, the entire Vitalize supplement line is a great addition to any competitive horse. Where can we get some?

8.) NIGHTWATCH® Bundle™

Photo ℅ SmartHalter.com

As horse owners, how do we have insight on our horses while we are traveling over the holidays and pulled in many different directions? This breakaway leather halter will alert you if your horse shows any signs of distress. Best of all, you have their biometric and behavior data at your fingertips - even all the way at grandma's house. Give you favorite horse lover a smart halter™ because peace of mind is unbeatable! 

Happy shopping and most importantly, Happy Shopping!