6 Reasons Why You Should Add NIGHTWATCH® to Your Training Program in 2020

Pictured: Lauren Sprieser (by Heather Richards)

Happy 2020! The promise of the New Year brings a fresh inspiration and more opportunities to innovate around the barn, especially within your training program. Besides adjusting your schedule for the year’s upcoming show season and nurturing the growth of your client list, what is your unique business offering for this upcoming year? 

If you’re looking to be innovative with a focus on horse health, we’ve got just the way to step up your business in 2020 — by becoming a NIGHTWATCH® Ambassador. Initializing the smart halter™ with your client’s horses allows you to offer not only more to your clients, but to their horses and your own as well. The all-natural, leather breakaway smart halter™ gives all peace of mind when horses come in or are turned out overnight. At the first sign of distress, usually indicated by heart rate, you and up to 4 others will be immediately notified via text, call and email. It’s sophisticated enough that it might just save a horse’s life while also keeping an eye on their nighttime behaviors.

Here are 6 reasons (if you need more than 1!) you should add the smart halter™  to your 2020 training program:

  1. Peace of Mind. Really, who doesn’t need peace of mind? In use, the halter monitors real-time data of an individual horse’s vital signs and behaviors. Access to real-time insight and historical information, including your horse's EDI® score, is available on-demand 24/7 from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Yourself, owners and barn staff alike can rest easy at night knowing that NIGHTWATCH® is keeping an eye on the horses, and will notify you immediately if stress is detected or attention is needed.
  2. Smart Tech. Along with sensors equipped to detect your horse’s activity and biometrics, NIGHTWATCH® is equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) allowing you to pinpoint the location of your horse in the US and Canada. 
  3. High Quality. Mimic the luxury services you already offer your clientele by extending the NIGHTWATCH® services. The product itself is 1” triple-stitched, all natural breakaway leather accented with stainless steel buckles and the data is available any time. 
  4. Completely Custom. Know your horses in training better by analyzing their individual statistics and understand their behaviors, unique to each horse. The best part is that the data is available all the time, at the convenience of your smartphone!
  5. Backed by the best, with warranty, with your horse in mind. Beginning in 2013, NIGHTWATCH® was created with the goal of minimizing overnight deaths and accidents that could have been prevented with early warnings. Although this is the world’s first smart halter™, it wasn’t created in a hurry. The ideation process began over 6 years ago by Founder & CEO Jeffrey Schab after the loss of one of his horses from colic overnight and was introduced to the US and Canadian market in 2019.
  6. More money, more sleep. What?! As a NIGHTWATCH® Ambassador, your clients and network get to purchase at discounted rates, while you get cash rewards for your referrals. On top of that, you’ll have more time on your hands with less night checks and fewer potentially unnecessary emergency vet visits and lost training time for horses in recovery. Best of all… more sleep at night (see point 1).

Once you introduce the smart halter™ to your barn, you’ll never look at horse data the same way again — and you’ll also be able to rest easy knowing you’ll be alerted of any changes.

We’re excited at the prospect of 2020 and hope you are too, Happy New Year!