5 Reasons to NOT Buy a Horse

Horses are romanticized in our culture, so it is no surprise they are a dream-come-true for many. They played a pivotal role in the early transportation and expansion of this country. Today, they are athletes we cheer on and friends we trust in. It’s pretty easy to fall in love with the idea of owning a horse, but here are five reasons to NOT buy a horse: 


You don’t want to work hard

Don’t buy a horse if you don’t want to work hard. They require waking up early and going to bed late for leg wrapping. You will skip a meal from time to time in order to make it to your lesson. You need to put in those extra hours at work to pay for their farrier and vet appointments.

Hint: Every ounce of sweat put in, makes each milestone all the more special and you’ll never regret the hard work.


You don’t want to get dirty

Don’t buy a horse if you don’t want to get dirty. When you own a horse, no matter how hard you try, you will be caught with pieces of hay in your hair when you go to the grocery store. You are going to have a layer of hair on your clothes at all times – sometimes even straight out of the wash.

Tip: Keep hand sanitizer, a brush, and deodorant in your car so you can go seamlessly from the barn back into society. You can thank us later.


You don’t want to fail

Don’t buy a horse if you don’t want to fail. Living life alongside horses is a bit like a how-many-times-can-you-get-up-after-a-failure marathon. As soon as you get overly confident about your leg position or your inability to get bucked off, they’ll know it’s time for a slice of humble pie and happily serve it up. There will be days (or even months) when you feel like you’ve taken one tiny step forward, then one big leap backwards. It is not for the faint of heart.

Hint: We are all in this together. Ask any top rider in each discipline and they will confirm they fail with their horses on a very regular basis.


You don’t want to learn

Don’t buy a horse if you don’t want to learn. Every step of the equestrian experience is a learning process. Horses will teach you some hard-to-learn lessons that will stick with you for the rest of your life. They teach you confidence and humility, hard work and small wins, strength and gentleness, and so many qualities that will make you a better person in other aspects of your life.

Tip: Lean into the learning. Luckily, fellow horse people generally love sharing their knowledge with others so ask questions and accept every opportunity to learn more about these amazing animals.


You don’t want to make sacrifices

Don’t buy a horse if you don’t want to make sacrifices. Owning a horse is a lifestyle. You’re going to pass up that dress you’ve been eyeing at Madewell so you can afford that new bit you know your horse will like. You’re going to miss social gatherings when you need to stay at the barn late to make sure they eat all their supplements. You will redirect your travel fund to get you to horse shows instead of beaches.

Hint: They are all worth it.