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NIGHTWATCH® isn’t the brainchild of boardroom executives. NIGHTWATCH® is a labor of love.

In 2013 Jeffrey Schab (Founder & CEO of Protequus®) and Wade Giles lost their beloved horse, Snoop, to a rare colic event overnight. Snoop lived just a short 8 years and died alone in his stall.

Following Snoop’s death, Jeffrey was driven to make a difference, and assembled a team of passionate science and technology professionals to find a solution that could combat the devastating impact of equine colic. Today, that solution is an early warning system known as NIGHTWATCH®.

As an accomplished equestrian and biomedical engineer with 15+ years of experience in human health, Jeffrey is pioneering a path that bridges his professional expertise with his personal passion. It’s with great pride and respect for our four-legged friends that he leads the NIGHTWATCH® program.

Snoop remains a powerful inspiration and motivation for Jeffrey and Wade. It is in his memory that NIGHTWATCH® exists to provide critical first alerts for early intervention, ultimately to help save horses' lives.



"It's not about the's about the journey."

  • Passing of Snoop

    On August 25, 2013, Jeffrey Schab and Wade Giles' beloved horse, Snoop, passes away from an epiploic foramen entrapment, a rare form of colic. Driven to not let Snoop's passing be without reason, Jeffrey embarks on what becomes a 5-year journey to invent an early warning system for equine colic and other forms of distress.

  • Protequus® Established

    After 2.5 months of primary and secondary research, Jeffrey establishes Protequus LLC as a legal entity to make his vision for an equine distress & wellness monitor a reality. Protequus (pronounced as pro-tech-kwis) is formed from the word "protection" and the Latin word for horse, "equus."

  • Patent Filed

    Protequus files the first in a series of provisional and utility patents with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on February 24, 2014 for a SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MOBILE ANIMAL SURVEILLANCE AND DISTRESS MONITORING.

  • RIT Research Agreement

    Protequus enters into a research agreement with Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY) for classification and modeling of distress in horses using sensor data.

  • Alpha Prototype

    Protequus engineers place a first-generation mobile adaptive sensor system (alpha-prototype) on horses in NY and LA to acquire real-time behavior data using a 9-axis IMU and successfully demonstrate proof-of-principal for novel event detection.

  • NIGHTWATCH® Brand Established

    The NIGHTWATCH® brand is established, complete with a brand persona, brand guidelines, brand lexicon, logo, and certificate of registration filings.

  • 1st Public Announcement

    After much deliberation, Protequus makes first public disclosure of their R&D efforts and introduces NIGHTWATCH®, the world's first smart halter™. Public support is immediately overwhelming among equestrian and technology communities in the US and abroad.

  • Beta Prototype

    Protequus engineers place a second-generation mobile adaptive sensor system (beta-prototype) on horses in NY and KY to acquire biometric data using non-invasive ultra-wideband impulse radar (UWB-IR) technology and successfully demonstrate a real-world application of UWB-IR for biometric monitoring in horses.

  • 1st Patent Issued

    The USPTO approves and issues a utility patent (No. 9,629,340) for MOBILE ANIMAL SURVEILLANCE AND DISTRESS MONITORING, which is just a short ~3 years from first filing. This patent confirms the novel, useful, and non-obvious nature of NIGHTWATCH®.

  • Production-Intent Prototype

    Protequus enhances back-end architecture and front-end UI/UX, and completes submission of a third-generation mobile adaptive sensor system (production-intent prototype) to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Industry Canada (IC), and PTCRB/CTIA-The Wireless Association for regulatory review and testing.

  • Regulatory Approval

    NIGHTWATCH® is determined to be safe and complies with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of FCC rules, and further complies with IC license-exempt RSS standards, PTCRB/CTIA certifcation standards, and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60950 product safety standards.

  • 2nd Patent Issued

    The USPTO approves and issues a second utility patent (No. 9,894,885) as a continuation of patent (No. 9,629,340) for detecting one or more biometric parameters in animals using UWB-IR.

  • Beta Launch: US & Canada

    NIGHTWATCH® becomes available to a select number of customers to begin rigorous real-world beta testing.

  • 3rd Patent Issued

    The USPTO approves and issues a third utility patent (No. 10,154,655) as a continuation in part of patent (No. 9,629,340) to predict the onset of parturition in animals using UWB-IR.

Protequus® is dedicated to the ideation, creation, and commercialization of value-add solutions for the protection of horses. 

Our journey has just begun with NIGHTWATCH®. Follow us as we make this revolutionary device available to horses across the globe and introduce new solutions for other ailments afflicting our equine companions.